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The Dasiemme Group is not “just another recruitment agency” – unlike all the others you may have had contact with, we actually care about you, your business and the placements we make.   In fact, we care so much that we provide our unique Post-Placement Support program free of charge for each and every role we fill.

Imagine investing in using a professional service to place your next new hire, only to be left alone once the invoice is paid, because that is what other agencies do.

The Dasiemme Group’s Post-Placement Support program is similar to having an executive consultant for both you and your new team member – we cover a range of concepts that can be customised to meet your needs, but that also address the needs of your team.   We work with you and the successful candidate for 6 months after placement to consolidate the relationship, using our outstanding “Post Placement Support” program.  This program is our true passion, it’s unique to The Dasiemme Group, and is included in our flat fee costings.

To learn more about our services, contact us on (07) 3142 4895 for a discussion about your future staffing needs.

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