Blog - The Benefits of Employing People leaving Defence

The current attrition rate in the ADF is around 10% – 12%, which mean that around 3500 – 4200 talented personnel come on to the civilian job market every year. They include engineers, technicians, tradesmen of many types, trainers, administrators, supply chain specialists, IT managers, drivers, chefs, nurses, pilots, operations managers, facilities managers, project managers and communications experts.

Today’s armed forces are accustomed to operating in the most complex of environments, maximising the benefits of teamwork whilst harnessing cutting edge technology to its very limits. However, teamwork, technical abilities and tenacity are not the only attributes that service leavers have to offer employers.


Service leavers have unrivalled experience and excellent personal qualities. They have been tested in highly demanding and pressurised situations and are used to taking responsibility for their actions and getting things done first time. Service leavers are quick to learn, picking up new skills and adapting to new circumstances with ease. They are self-disciplined and motivated problem solvers who will get a task done, whatever it takes.


In addition to offering such professional and technical abilities, they are also skilled in planning and organising, teamwork, communication, man management and leadership, skills that have been honed in some of the toughest environments.


As well as these transferable skills, service leavers bring their considerable experience, moral and physical courage to your business.


To tap into the pool of well-qualified and highly-skilled ex-Defence personnel for your business, please contact us at The Dasiemme Group on (07) 3142 4895.

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