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Let’s get controversial – Recruitment sucks!


Seriously, folks….it does.   Who wants to go through the hassle of replacing a team member?   No-one does, but when you do need to – what’s your process?   If you do nothing more than advertise for free on Facebook or Gumtree, then you deserve what shows up, and if you decide to “give a bloke a crack” or a “shot at the title” then you will most likely be disappointed.   Don’t get me wrong, there are times that these strategies work, just not often enough to be a solid “go to” plan.


So, let’s talk turkey, shall we?   Why should you use a recruitment service – and why should you use TDG?


  1. TDG will meet with you and define the role you are trying to fill. When a complete analysis of your requirements is conducted, it is often the case that our clients make significant savings in hiring costs or reduce their exposure to risk.
  2. TDG will be the “middle man” between you and applicants, so you remain anonymous. TDG deals with all applicants and screens the best available for you to review.
  3. TDG has over 30 years conducting behavioural interviews for individual roles and assessment centres for bulk recruitment campaigns. This experience critically reviews an applicant’s past behaviours and assesses these against your position requirements to ensure that only the best people progress to interview with you.
  4. Did we mention our Flat Fee?  Most recruiters out there, especially the big boys, charge a percentage of a new hires first year’s salary. Do the math – Your position is paying $50K plus super, so total package of around $56,250 – and an agency will try to charge upwards of 12% of that package. Hence, your fee would be $6,750.At TDG, our Flat Fee option allows you to know what you will be charged up front, and doesn’t interfere with the salary package or contract negotiations between you and your new hire. Oh, and by the way – our fee is way less than the example in most cases.
  5. And what other recruitment agency will work with you and your new starter for the duration of the probation period?  That’s right, our placements are not simply “set and forget”, because we realise that some help and guidance along the way will ensure that your new hire stays engaged and performs to their highest level.  Our Post Placement Support Program is unique and helps you and the successful candidate to consolidate the relationship – we are there every step of the way!


Seriously, if you are sick and tired of slaving though hundreds of resumes or the

disappointment of taking a chance on the next guy that shows up, consider contacting TDG for an obligation free discussion about your needs.

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