Corporate Training

The Dasiemme Group will tailor corporate training specifically to suit your needs.  Experienced in a wide range of training, we have designed industry specific training for clients in a range of industries.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Team Training
  • Sales Training
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Time Management Training
  • Executive Management Training

Corporate Training Case Study

In June 2018, The Dasiemme Group was approached by a local transportation company to work with them to develop an industry specific training package to cover conflict management & conflict resolution skills.  It was quickly identified that there was no adequate off the shelf training package available, therefore The Dasiemme Group conducted extensive research and development on behalf of the transport provider.

This research took the form of a number of meetings with Senior Management including HR, Operations and Safety team members and also included incognito travel on public transport systems.

Once The Dasiemme Group had analysed the data from the research conducted, a pilot program was developed and presented to Senior Management for approval.  The Dasiemme Group was then engaged to deliver the training to approx 150 team members over a 2 week period.  The training took the form of classroom sessions, facilitated discussions and role plays which enabled the various team members to gain skills that will ensure their ability to manage & resolve conflict within their day to day workplace.

The feedback received from the participants, Senior Management and the owner of the business has indicated that the training has been most effective.

Footnote:  As a result of conducting this training, other, similar transport providers have since been encouraged to engage The Dasiemme Group in the same training regime.

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