You deserve more customers, sales & profit

TDG works along side you to develop strategies to grow the 5 critical areas of any business

You deserve a better work/life balance

TDG will help you implement systems to save you time & money

You deserve a business that works without you

TDG will help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about

We are your local Business Growth Specialists.

So, How Can we Help You?

  • One on One Coaching with your Business Growth Specialists will provide you with a personalised approach to growing your business.
  • BizFit Bootcamp is a more structured, self-paced business course suitable for start-ups or business owners that just need a refresher.
  • Business Growth Planning is essential to the success of any business, and most critical is developing strategies to ensure the plan works now and into the future.
  • Our training is tailored to your specific needs and industry.
  • Once you grow your business you’ll need to find the right team to support you.  Our experienced recruiters can help you here.

Whatever it is you require, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you!

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching is the most popular coaching program for business owners and entrepreneurs…

BizFit Bootcamp

The BizFit Bootcamp Program is a 12-step program for business owners and entrepreneurs who…

Corporate Training

Corporate Training created specific for their industry & presented for their employees…

Are you a business owner who wants to grow their business & needs a mentor who will ensure you are on the road to success?

Do you need to organise tailored, industry specific corporate training and don’t know where to start?

Need to employ someone and don’t want the headache of reviewing hundreds of Resumes?


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